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Available Projects

Note: we seem to have many, small, WordPress / PHP projects popping up that for whatever reason become urgent. Would love a better way to handle these client requests.

Open to quotes: WordPress "Plugin Groups" Update

We use the "Plugin Groups" WordPress Plugin on some sites. Unfortunately it has broken with the latest release of WordPress. We are looking for a pull request that restores the functionality (guessing it's a jQuery issue) as well as possibly feature additions later. Please apply with a quote.

On Hold: Drop-in Studio payment app

We have spec'd out a payment application to be written.  This consists of two parts: a back-end management app, with limited functionality similar to, and an iPad app to be used by the member desk to check in members.  Tech to be used for the management piece is Node.js / React, open to suggestions for the iPad app and data store. This project is on hold due to covid.

Tech: node.js / React, DynamoDB (open to discussion); Swift or other iOS native build.

Gathering Requirements: Advanced AR Based Learning  Management System

We're creating the next level learning management system. Stage one will be prototyping using WordPress and off the shelf plugins, focus is on building out advanced communication systems using chatbots. Phase two will give the ability for course creators to build advanced augmented reality apps within the CMS and push them to an iPhone renderer.  Phase 3+ adds social interaction, AI-based wellbeing, and social currency stored on the blockchain. At some point, the CMS portion will be rewritten using node.js / react. This is a multi-year project and will utilize many vendors - we'll post more as specific needs arise.

Tech: WordPress (prototype), Node.js / React, Unity, Infrastructure TBD (AWS).

Gigs posted are working directly for Temple Rocks or our clients.  Need help with a project? Contact us!