5 Checks of Working with a Marketing CTO
As business people, we are extremely creative, with many ideas. However, not all of them can be profitable and successful. We need to make sure we are fully prepared before beginning large projects. How can we ensure that this idea is worth the investment of time and money?

In this book, Nick Temple enumerates the five important things we need to check after validation but before committing to new product development.

Price: Hardcover: $24.97 Kindle: $2.99.

Vision Videos Mini-Course
Vision Videos are the new vision board – using images, movement & music, you can anchor your most compelling ideas into you psyche for near effortless execution – almost magic. Learn to create your own personalized vision videos in this course. Includes personalized coaching.

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volved Etnreneure Mastermind
The premium business & lifestyle mastermind for people who want to make meaning . We focus on real-life solutions to your challenges.

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